The Relationship between Loyalty Programs and Player Segmentation

The Relationship between Loyalty Programs and Player Segmentation

If you had to guess the exact demographic that online casino are targeting with their customer loyalty programs, what would you say? Would it be a low income college student or maybe a wealthy, successful businessman? How about those middle class laborers looking for an inexpensive past time? Maybe you’re thinking about an ultra-rich celebrity that can’t go into regular casinos…is that your guess?

Regardless of what your answer was, it was absolutely right because online casinos try to develop loyalty programs that will work out for everyone. Now don’t get us wrong, if you log into an online casino and deposit $10,000 right off the bat, some extra perks will be coming your way extremely fast. Loyalty rewards are really designed to lure in high rollers with unlimited cash to gamble away, but those types of players are few and far between.

So what about you? Where do you fit within an online casino’s player segmentation? If you’re a casual gambler that spends $20-50 per week, that makes you a pretty typical online gambler that’s trying to figure out whether or not this is something for you. In a way that’s good because all of the loyalty programs are designed with you in mind, so online casinos are constantly trying to find ways to convince you to log in more often and increase your weekly deposits. While they really do not consider you a loyal customer worth showering with gifts and merchandise, they realize that your bets are important for their long-term success within the industry.

If you gamble between $100-300 per week in an online casino, then you’re at the lower end of the spectrum where loyalty representatives start to take notice. Your wagers make up the core of the loyalty program’s funding because you’re loyal and stand out from the crowd, yet you’re not quite bold enough to be called a true VIP. Regardless though, you are one of the online casino industry’s most common demographics and they will do everything they can to make you happy. Expect frequent emails about exclusive deposit bonuses, an occasional freebie in the mail, and maybe even a few VIP tournament invites when there is extra room available.

Whenever online casinos find players that gamble over $1,000 per week, they realize that they have someone special on their hands. Someone betting at those levels is one of three things- rich and bored, a professional gambler, or a high level executive/celebrity that simply enjoys online gambling. Regardless of which category the person falls in, the response is always the same; smother them with positive attention and let them know what a pleasure it is to have them. Gamblers at this gaming level often quality for exclusive rewards like cash-back incentives, a personal company representative, free travel/lodging, and dozens of gifts and freebies per year. This group makes up less than 10% of all online gamblers so they are treated as a precious commodity.

Believe it or not there is yet another demographic of gamblers that frequent online casinos and many of them end up wagering your annual salary on a single hand of blackjack or baccarat. Although they are not necessarily gambling for the money, the adrenaline rush they get from a huge win is one of the most exciting parts of their day. Whenever gaming sites find players of this caliber, the entire incentive system goes straight out the window. Instead of making standard reward offers that can be found on any gaming website, online casinos will simply ask these types of players, “What can we do to make you happy?” Table limits, deposit restrictions, and the rules in general pretty much go straight out the window when an ultra-high roller appears.

Like we said before, it really doesn’t matter where you fit into the grand scheme of things because every online casino desperately wants your business. Although there is a distinct pattern between casino loyalty programs and player segmentation, most legitimate gaming sites will be more than willing to cater their rewards system to fit your needs. Just pick up the phone and give them a call; you’ll be surprised how nice they’ll be.